LMG 2020

LMG 2020 has a special program with Vision PCS, Inc. to provide special discounts to most Sprint programs.

  • Vision PCS, Inc. will analyze your Sprint account and determine how we can help save you money and get new equipment if needed.
  • LMG 2020 has negotiated a one-time $50 fee (normally $100) to attach a discount that will save most customers $300 per year.
  • The fee can be waived if Vision PCS, Inc processes any upgrades or adds new lines.
  • Vision PCS, Inc will handle all future upgrades and adding new lines for LMG 2020 members.
  • Customers moving to Sprint from other carriers will automatically get a discount and all activation fees waived.
  • Discounts are only available through Vision PCS, Inc.

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Once the information is provided we will analyze your program and let you know how we can help you.